What Is The Appeal Of Sapphire Engagement Rings?

Sapphire engagement rings have been growing increasingly popular amongst couples looking to signify their looming betrothal. Although sapphires are generally a less expensive gemstone than diamonds, it is not their economic advantage alone that attracts buyers to the naturally blue jewel. For many in the engagement ring market, it is rather the chance to buy a stone with a vibrant colour and excellent durability.

Sapphire engagement rings have also been seen on the fingers of some of the most prolific brides in the world, which is always an alluring element in their favour. This article highlights the sapphire’s famed fashion, as well as some of the gemstone’s properties.

A Style for the Spotlight

Several extraordinary celebrities have been seen in the spotlight donning sapphire engagement rings. The trend started in 1981 when Prince Charles gave Lady Diana Spencer a blue sapphire ring. The same engagement ring was used in 2011 to mark the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton. Many well-known actresses and Hollywood stars also sport sapphires, including Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

An Everyday Gem

Beyond their illustrious wearers, sapphires make for a fantastic engagement ring because of their superior hardness. The sapphire’s density, lack of cleavage, and high refractive index makes it one of the sturdiest gemstones in existence. As a result, sapphire engagement rings can be worn every day without experiencing the same level of wear and tear that other types of engagement rings might throughout the years. If you want a jewellery piece to last several generations so that you can pass it down through your lineage, the sapphire stone is the best choice.

A Stone of Many Colours

While a sapphire’s permanence is sure to alleviate practical concerns, it is the stone’s variety and richness of colour that aesthetically draws buyers in and sets it apart from the sameness of traditional white diamonds. Blue hues are the most common colours for a sapphire, and shades can range from baby blue to navy, while a richly saturated royal blue is most often valued as the most expensive colour for a sapphire stone.

Blue sapphires have often been cited as the most prevalent and most popular, but there are other appealing choices as well. Yellow sapphires can have a look very similar to canary diamonds, with a dazzling sparkle for its subtle tone. Yellow sapphires also tend to be very affordable with respect to their size, while larger canary diamonds and blue sapphires are now very expensive. Pink is another fashionable choice for sapphire engagement rings. Shades can range from a salmon pastel hue to an almost dark purple. Pink sapphires come about when the mineral chromium enters the gemstone in the formation process. The higher the chromium content in a sapphire, the deeper the pink colour. The light orange Padparadscha sapphire is the most rare sapphire colour on the market. These beautiful gemstones are most commonly mined in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Tanzania.


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