Volvo Trucks Releases Volvo FE in Australia

Auto manufacturers are known for their dedication to increase their reach in the global auto market. Not only car manufacturers but also companies producing trucks are looking to improve their popularity in different parts of the world. Volvo Trucks, autocar-australia the Swedish company which is currently the second largest manufacturer of buses and trucks in the world recently increased their offering in the Australian market as they introduced the Volvo FE range.

The FE lineup is composed of distribution vehicles. The demand for these types of vehicles in the country has spurred Volvo to introduce the said model lineup in the country. discreet firearms plug

The said offering is an addition to the upper end of the medium duty truck market in Australia. With the Volvo brand behind it, the FE is being regarded already as a strong contender in its segment. The trucks in the range of the FE model is aimed for different applications such as distribution refuse collection, municipal transportation and light construction duties.

The trucks are equipped with huge 7.0-liter engines which are available in two power ranges. The first engine choice is rated to produce up to 280 horsepower while the other engine can produce as much as 320 horsepower. The FE replaces the Volvo FL in the truck maker’s lineup in the country. The FE is competing in the 18 to 26 ton segment of the market.

James Morris, Volvo Trucks’ national sales manager for the country, has this to say about the introduction of the FE range: “This is an important part of Volvo Trucks’ long-term strategy to broaden and reinforce our position within a number of segments where we have noticed considerable potential. With our business concept we can offer both new and existing customers cost effective and comprehensive transport solutions encompassing modern trucks and new, fashion tape individually adapted services to suit our customers’ needs. Behind the new Volvo business concept is a thorough analysis of the needs of emerging markets in Australia. For many companies operating in the urban environment, haulage is not necessarily their core business.” He added that: gold coast clear carts “These companies are not as interested in maintaining a vehicle fleet and that is why the main thrust is to offer good total economy and trouble free solutions with dependable trucks and well-planned maintenance. Volvo wants to help drivers work more efficiently with as few stoppages as possible.”

The company known for in-depth research before developing a new product has done the same in the development of the FE. The efficiency of these large vehicles is increased as compared to its predecessor. Case in point is the oil change interval which is made longer by Volvo. The trucks will only need to have their oil changed after 100,000 kilometers traveled. Other parts such as more info please visit sites:- , steering components, and drivetrain parts are also reliable.

Morris further extolled the virtues of the FE range saying that: “The Volvo FE can be optimized to suit very specific needs and is currently available in three cab variants including the day cab, Vegan leather bags comfort cab and sleeper cab. Total economy and operating reliability were not the only drivers behind the development of the new Volvo FE with safety and environmental issues naturally also given priority. Further improvements were made to maximize the field of vision for the driver – special close quarter mirrors on both sides combining with extensive forward vision to offer the driver an industry leading overview of their surrounds.”


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